About Us

Circle center innovation. Circle Center Innovation Company
It is a company founded by a young cadre of engineers under the management of a group of consulting engineers.
Our company, which was founded by combining professional and commercial experience, aims to continue its existence by directing valued customers to only the right choice, in line with the principles of engineering and ethical awareness.
We believe that everyone can make tangible contributions in the construction, decoration, and interior and exterior solutions sector, but we aim to create excellence in this field with a high level of service quality, continuity, and transparency. That's why we look for personality when choosing the human worker we work with and for.

We offer technical trainings for different challenges with the aim to close your skills gap and advance your business

CNC Machine Programming

Technical training can help you tackle challenges that you might face. Whether you want to reduce costs, increase output, or enhance your process security

Metal Cutting Technology

Proper training closes the skills gap and leads to less downtime, better understanding of up-to-date machining applications, reduced set-up times and improved quality and productivity.